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Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island


Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island

Blount Island Command

Jacksonville, Florida
New Personnel / Welcome Aboard
On behalf of the Marines, Sailors, civilian employees and contractors of Marine Corps Base Blount Island, welcome aboard!


Check In

All Marines are required to report to the Administrative Office in Building 100 on the second deck in room 214. A duty is on post from 1630 to 0730 everyday and is able to assist Marines reporting aboard. All service members are required to check into Blount Island Command in Alphas. If you check in after/before normal working hours you will be required to be in Alphas the next business day. For more information call the Administrative Office at (904) 696-5054/5043/5293 or duty after hours at (904) 874-8038.

If you have not been contacted by a sponsor and are in need of a sponsorship please contact the Administrative office at (904) 696-5054/5043.

For reimbursement of temporary lodging expense (TLE) service members are required to obtain lodging on NS Mayport. Reservations may be made by those under orders up to 90 days in advance by calling (904) 247-3964. If lodging is not available a statement of non-availability will be issued and a commercial hotel is authorized. Without an on base hotel receipt or a statement of non-availability plus commercial hotel receipt, disbursing will not reimburse your TLE.

Please see the links for useful information geared to get you situated to Blount Island Command and the Jacksonville Florida area as quick and as smoothly as possible.

The Administrative Office consists of the following personnel:


 Administrative Officer:  (904) 696-5343
 Administrative Chief:  (904) 696-5043
 Administrative Clerk:  (904) 714-5054
 Administrative Assistant:  (904) 714-6249
 Administrative Assistant:  (904) 714-6228
 Defense Travel System Coordinator:  (904) 696-5055


Military Housing

Point of Contact:
Patricia Beasley, (Pat) CMH, CDPM
Housing Manager
Housing Department
(904) 270-5663/5738 (DSN) 270
(904) 270-6717/6964 (fax)

Temporary Lodging
Off Base Housing


Household Goods

Blount Island does not have a TMO office so you will utilize the links below to arrange for the delivery of your household goods or to file the paperwork for your DITY move.